Innovative approaches to improve public health practice in the eastern mediterranean region: Findings from the sixth eastern mediterranean public health network regional conference

Bashiruddin Noormal, Elmuez Eltayeb, Mohannad Al Nsour, Ezzeddine Mohsni, Yousef Khader, Mark Salter, Scott McNabb, Dionisio Herrera Guibert, Salman Rawaf, Amrish Baidjoe, Aamer Ikram, Christophe Longuet, Abdulwahed Al Serouri, Faris Lami, Asmae Khattabi, Sami AlMudarra, Ibrahim Iblan, Sahar Samy, Nissaf Bouafif ép Ben Alaya, Qahtan Al-Salihi

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Public health professionals in the Eastern Mediterranean region (EMR) have limited access to continuing education, including workshops and conferences in public health. Held under the theme Innovative Approaches: Adapting to the Current EMR Context, the Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network (EMPHNET) organized and conducted the Sixth EMPHNET Regional Conference from March 26 to 29, 2018. This paper summarizes the key activities including workshops, roundtable discussions, oral and poster presentations, keynote speeches, and side meetings. Before the opening, 5 preconference workshops were held: “Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) Accreditation,” “Innovative Public Health Surveillance,” “Human and Animal Brucellosis,” “Rapid Response Teams,” and “Polio Transition and Routine Immunization.” The conference hosted 6 roundtable discussions: “Consolidation of the FETP Network,” “One Health to Achieve Global Health Security,” “Polio Eradication Efforts and Transition Planning for Measles Elimination,” “Mobile Data Collection and Other Innovative Tools to Enhance Decision Making,” “Confronting Candida auris: An Emerging Multidrug-resistant Global Pathogen,” and “Functioning and Sustainable Country Public Health Emergency Response Operation Framework.” One of the conference's key objectives was to provide a space for FETP residents, graduates, and public health professionals to showcase achievements. A total of 421 abstracts were submitted and after professional review, 34.9% (147/421) were accepted (111 for oral presentations and 36 for poster presentations) and published by Iproceeding. The conference met the primary objectives of showcasing the public health accomplishments and contributions of the EMR, encouraging the exchange of ideas and coordination among stakeholders, and engaging cross-sectoral workforce in producing recommendations for approaching regional and global health concerns. Moreover, the conference presented a unique opportunity for FETPs and other public health professionals from the Mediterranean region to present their significant scientific work and also facilitated networking among professionals. EMPHNET strives to continue to present similar exchange opportunities for public health professionals in the region.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere11382
JournalJMIR Public Health and Surveillance
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2019


  • Capacity building
  • One health
  • Public health
  • Workshops


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