Making sense of the latest evidence on electronic cigarettes

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Publication statusPublished - 17 Feb 2018

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How to respond to tobacco industry involvement in ECs? ECs originated outside the tobacco industry, but tobacco companies now sell and promote ECs. 26 One company alone has invested US$1 billion in “next generation products” to ensure its share of a market that it predicts will be worth more than £15 billion in 2020. 27 Promotion of ECs by tobacco companies confuses anti-smoking messages. Advertising of ECs as a complement to smoking and not a replacement indirectly promotes smoking. 26 Of most concern is the fact that tobacco companies may use involvement in ECs to engage and have influence. 26 Boundaries are especially blurred by organisations like the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, which is funded by a major cigarette manufacturer. 28 Tobacco company involvement in ECs is no reason to loosen the strict principles of non-engagement set out in the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. 26 Research on ECs and similar products, and decisions about regulation, must be independent of any involvement from the industry.

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